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The Cardozo Law Bulletin is a peer-reviewed, English and Italian language journal concerned to provide an international forum for academic research exploring the threesholds of legal theory, judicial practice and public policy, where the use of a 'comparative law and literature' approach becomes crucial to the understanding of Law as a complex order.

The Cardozo Law Bulletin, established in 1995 as one of the world first Law Journals on the Web, invites the submission of essays, topical article, comments, critical reviews, which will be evaluated by an independent committee of referees on the basis of their quality of scholarship, originality, and contribution to reshaping legal views and perspectives.



EDITOR IN CHIEF Pier Giuseppe Monateri


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Giovanni Marini, Maria Rosaria Ferrarese, Alessandro Somma, Maria Rosaria Marella, Ugo Mattei


REFEREES: Ermanno Calzolaio, Daniela Carpi, Roberto Pardolesi, Giovanni Pascuzzi, Federico Pizzetti, Giovanni Maria Riccio, Giovanni Sciancalepore, Salvatore Sica, Andrea Zoppini

Tra Consumer Protection e Tutela del Credito

Chiara Agabitini, Il concordato per la composizione delle crisi da sovraindebitamento del consumatore: tra consumer protection e tutela del credito
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Published online: February 12, 2012